We are constantly updating our diagnostic equipment. We currently have dealer diagnostics for:

Vauxhall and Saab (Tech II), Ford, Jaguar and Mazda (IDS), Renault (Renault Clip), Peugeot (Diag) and Citroen (Lexia).

The advantage in using dealer tools is that many of today's problems with modern electronics are software related. Drivability issues and warning lights intermittently coming on can be cured by a simple software download. Aftermarket scan tools cannot diagnose software issues. We can also code new modules to vehicles. Many parts that need replacing have to be "coded", air bag modules, Engine ECU's, Immobilisers, Keys, BSI Units, Diesel pumps etc. It is not possible to have dealer tools for all makes because of cost but we also use Bosch KTS, Autodiagnos and Sykes Pickavant to cover european manufacturers and for Japanese, Korean and Chinese vehicles we use the AD200.

ECU software upgrades are also available to ensure your car runs as the manufacturer intended. Chip upgrades, which benefit your cars BHP, MPG and torque can also be sold by us.